Tumbling & Acro

We have several options for classes to choose from so if you would like some guidance on your class choice please e-mail us at powerandgrace2016@gmail.com 

Lots of kids today have exposure to backyard trampolines, so doesn’t it make sense to teach them the proper skills so there are fewer injuries?  We can teach them to do the tricks properly, so they don't have to learn through trial and error (or injury).  Our Tumbling class can be a well suited activity for children and teenagers of any shape, size, coordination, or fitness level.  We recommend that the tumbler be at least 6 years old before transitioning from a gymnastics class to a tumbling only class. 

Our tumbling classes use the spring floor, cheer floor, air track and tumble track safely train your tumbler on the basics. Once your athlete is able to do a backhand spring without a spotter they will be ready for our advanced tumbling class!

Below you will see a link that will allow you to register for an Acro class. This class was designed for competitive dancers to learn the Acro skills that dancers incorporate into their routines. This class will still practice on the spring floor, cheer floor, tumble track and air track.