This action-packed training program offers a unique experience for kids 3-5 years of age (Mini Warrior) and from 6 years old and up. The class will help students set a foundation for success in future athletic endeavors by focusing on building upper body strength, cardio endurance, confidence, and athletic skills.


These are very popular classes, since no two days are exactly alike! Check out the pictures on this page to get an idea of the types of things students do in these classes.   Aside from some radical skills, your student will become a changed person with tremendous confidence and pride.  And who knows --- we may see some of our students on American Ninja Warrior Junior!

We have several options for classes to choose from so if you would like some guidance on your class choice please e-mail us at powerandgrace2016@gmail.com 

This Summer we are introducing a new class for kiddos 10 and up called Athletic Training. This 50 minute class is designed to keep those young athletes in shape and motivated while they patiently wait to return to their chosen sport. It will be hard work but a lot of fun! You find the class through the link below.



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