Corona Virus Policies and Procedures for Recreational Classes


Illness Policy

To keep our students and employees safe and healthy, we ask that you keep your child home if they or anyone in their household is not feeling “well.”  Please stay home if you, your child, or anyone in your household is exhibiting any of the following symptoms: 


 ●        Cough

 ●        Sore or Scratchy Throat

 ●        Fever

 ●        Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing

 ●        Chills

 ●        Muscle Pain

 ●        Headache


Entrance Policy and Procedure

Upon entrance, every person – staff, students, and parents will be directed to place their things in a numbered cubby and walk to the back of the gym where we have installed a new hand washing station.  Students will use their cubby numbers to know where to stand throughout their class and where to put their water bottle. Parents who wish to stay, are asked to take a window seat that adhering to the 6 ft personal distancing standard.


We ask that parents not arrive more than 5 minutes early to class to allow the previous class to exit safely and allow us to sanitize everything properly. If you are going to be more then 10 minutes late to class we ask that you take advantage of one of one of our Modified Open Gyms (which is FREE to enrolled students) so we can ensure the flow of the class is not disrupted and kids are not left unattended while hands are being washed.

Class Rotations, Schedules, and Policies

We currently offer class start times in 15 minute increments to ensure that those entering the facility are all for the same class, thereby minimizing any potential additional or unforeseen contacts.  Classes in the gym will operate on a 5 Zone rotation schedule system ensuring that everyone can get to the event that they need to without any overlapping and that all mats and apparatus are wiped down between group usage.  Students will be asked to use hand sanitizer periodically or, if necessary, wash hands.  All students will sanitize before re-entering the lobby and the end of class.


➔        Class #1 @ 3:30-4:20

➔        Class #2 @ 3:45-4:35

➔        Class #3 @ 4:00-4:50

➔        Class #4 @ 4:15-5:05


Class ratios will not exceed 6:1 and there will be no makeups allowed in order to regulate the social contacts.


As of October 1st, Xcel Team practices, Day Camps and Open Gyms will begin to allow an increased maximum participant total of 15.


If you and your child feel comfortable we ask that you remain out of the lobby to minimize the number of people our athletes and families come in contact with.


What to expect when entering Power and Grace

  • In keeping with the governor's latest mandate, we must recommend that students wear a mask, however we do not require mask wearing during class.  We understand that for some people it is not safe or reasonable for them to wear a mask so we leave this to the discretion of the parent.  In keeping with HIPAA laws, we will not ask your reasoning for not wearing a mask.

  • Students will wait outside of the gym until their name is called and they are checked in with an instructor. 

  • They will be asked to place their things in a numbered cubby.  The number they choose will be their number for the day.

  • Students will then be sent down the hall to wash their hands at the handwashing station. As they walk down the hall they will place their water bottle on the number that corresponds with their cubby. These numbers are strategically placed so that when they go get their water they can remain 6ft away from other students.

  • Once they have washed their hands they will enter the gym and wait patiently in a box that has their number on it.

  • When possible students will work independently on physically distanced stations as the instructor indirectly supervises and advises the students.  


Staff Expectations

Staff’s hands are to be washed before and after every class.  While coaching, personal distancing will be implemented when it can be safely executed (our first priority is child safety). Masks will be worn for all spotting and close interaction with students. At the end of each class, coaches will wipe down all equipment that needs it and wash their hands.  We do NOT allow staff to work if they are under the weather in anyway.


Attendance will be taken to make sure we have a means of contact tracing should it become necessary.


Student Personal Equipment

All students are asked to bring a backpack with the following personal items:

 ●        Name Labeled Water Bottle

 ●        Hair Ties

 ●        Band-Aids/Sports Tape

 ●        Grippy Socks (if they would like to wear them during class)

 ●        Hand Sanitizer 

 ●        Tissues

 ●        Any Personal Equipment (ie grips, heel cup, tiger paws etc)


Preschool Age Classes

Children 5yo and younger will have the option to have a parent with them in class.  The intent of the Parent remaining in class is to help the child maintain personal distancing and help with spotting and cleaning equipment if they desire.   Preschool classes will run in continuous rotation for developmental purposes.  Extra stations are used to help keep children moving.