NOTE:  All fees are subject to a 6% KY sales tax. 


  • Most classes have monthly tuition of $86  (for one weekly, 50-minute class).  The one exception is the morning Pre-School classes, which are 30-minute classes and have a monthly tuition of $54.

  • If you start in the middle of a month, the tuition for that month is pro-rated, priced at $21.50 per week ($13.50 for morning Pre-School classes).

  • The day you register for the class is the day your tuition fees start.  

  • There is an annual insurance fee of $35, per child. The insurance fee covers your child for all Power and Grace events and is due on your anniversary month each year.

  • Tuition is NOT adjusted for holiday closings or school breaks.  Instead, we offer several free Open Gym times each week to compensate for any absences or facility closings that might occur.  Click here for Open Gym schedule.

  • When a month happens to have 5 weeks in it, we do not charge additional for the fifth class.



We are committed to our student/instructor ratio of 6 to 1 so, due to our high enrollment, we do not offer makeups.  However, we do offer several Open Gym times each week, and these are available to you, even if you never miss your regularly scheduled class ---  which means your gymnast has the opportunity to work out additional hours each week (their regular class time, and Open Gym times) for the same tuition you currently pay.  Remember, there are also some months you receive 5 classes, and there is no increase in the tuition for the 5th week.  



  • We will process a tuition payment against the card on file by the 3rd of the month unless prior arrangements have been made.  A late fee of $10 will be processed after the 10th of the month.   

  • If the payment is rejected by your card, there will be a tuition late fee of $10.

  • Please contact the front desk if you have any issues with payments, so arrangements can be made.



  • There are no refunds for students who did not fill out a drop slip prior to the 22nd of the month.  If you happen to forget to fill out the Drop Slip, let us know, and we will put in a drop slip for you for the following month.  For example, if you do not wish to take a class after August 31, we ask that you complete a Drop Slip by August 22, so that you will not be charged for September tuition.  

  • Even if you are no longer enrolled in a class, you are welcome to attend any of our special events when they are scheduled --- until your Annual Registration Fee expires.  This includes Parent’s Night Out, Camps, Skills Clinics, Cartwheels and Creations, and Open Gym.