Power and Grace Gymnastics

Trevor, Suzanne, Graylyn Louise, and Renley Jaye

Power and Grace Gymnastics

Trevor, Suzanne, Graylyn Louise, Renley Jaye, and Magnolia Jane

We created Power and Grace in 2016 as a fun and healthy place for children of all ages and abilities to explore the excitement of gymnastics and fitness.  Sports and physical activity have been an important part of our lives, and we want to teach this love of activity to your children.  We have created Power and Grace to be a place to tumble, flip, and exercise; but also a place of high energy and family atmosphere.  Besides our regular class curriculum, we offer opportunities for friends and families to gather and enjoy some good, old-fashioned, non-electronic fun!!


  We both graduated from the University of Arizona, with degrees in K-12 Physical Education.  We have been married since 2011, and each taught in JCPS for over seven years. In 2014, we were blessed with our beautiful daughter, Graylyn Louise. Graylyn made us realize that we want the flexibility to be together as a family as much as possible … so we coupled that desire with a lifelong love of teaching and playing, and thus was born, Power and Grace!


 We now have three little girls; Graylyn Louise, Renley Jaye, and the newest addition, Magnolia Jane.  At five years old, Graylyn is very strong, athletic, and loves all of the friends she has here at the gym.  This upcoming year is a big one for Graylyn, as she will be starting kindergarten AND will be competing with the Xcel Team for the first time.  Renley Jaye was six weeks old when the gym opened (see photo above), so she has literally grown up in the gym.  Now age three, she is fierce, funny, and fearless.  RJ identifies very strongly with Elsa ... the fierce Elsa who builds ice castles with the flick of her wrist, not the one that hides in the tower.  And Magnolia Jane (we call her Nolie Jane) just turned one in April;  now that she is walking, she toddles all over the gym and demands to be included in all of the action.  Click this link to see our Facebook page to see what we mean. 



(Suzanne)   My experience in gymnastics started when I was 3 years old and my Mom put me in gymnastics to give me an opportunity to get my energy out without breaking household items. I quickly became addicted to the sport and it became the center of my universe. As I progressed through the years, I reached level 10 and was practicing almost 7 hours a day. All the hard work paid off because I was awarded a full ride NCAA gymnastics scholarship to the University of Arizona. After I graduated college, I dabbled in coaching, but struggled to find a program that fit my views and values.  Finally, about four years ago, Trevor turned to me and said; “Let’s open our own gymnastics gym” and it felt like a perfect fit. I have finally found a place for gymnastics in my life again and I can do it my way, making sure that every child is valued and encouraged.