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This action-packed training program offers a unique experience for kids 3-5 years of age (Mini Warrior) and from 6 years old and up. The class will help students set a foundation for success in future athletic endeavors by focusing on building upper body strength, cardio endurance, confidence, and athletic skills.

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Mini warrior classes

Mini Warrior Classes

Our Mini Warrior classes are a great co-ed option for your 3-5 year old.  This class combines the excitement of running ninja warrior circuit just like the big kids while incorporating some of the movement education concepts such as BALANCE, COORDINATION, BODY AWARENESS, FINE and GROSS MOTOR SKILLS of the Preschool Gymnastics Classes.

Warrior Kids Classes

Warrior Kids classes are designed to introduce 6-9 year old girls and boys to the AGILITY, STRENGTH, SPEED and BALANCE required to be a ninja warrior.  Circuits and station work are utilized to train and master new skills.  This action packed class keeps students moving and excited.

Advanced warrior classes

Advanced Warrior Classes

Advance Warrior classes 10 years old and up  While these classes do build on the concepts which were introduced in our Warrior Kids classes, they are still achievable for students who have not participated in a ninja warrior program before.  There are greater obstacles to overcome and problem solving and ingenuity are utilized.

Want to Learn MOre?

We have several options for classes to choose from so if you would like some guidance on your class choice please e-mail us at powerandgrace2016@gmail.com