About the program

Women's Gymnastics is composed of 4 events: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise.  Each event challenges the athlete to develop different skills and strengths.  While our program is primarily recreational we do offer a low commitment competitive program to give the athletes the opportunity to experience a team atmosphere and show off their hard work at local meets.

After your athlete's hard work, we do a quick visit to the Character Corner. During this optional 5 minutes, we introduce a new character word and ask the children to complete a homework assignment. This will help them learn to exemplify the character trait in their everyday lives. So don't be surprised if your child is determined to brush their teeth every night without being told (self-discipline) or if they want to do something special for a sibling (loving)!

Recreational and preschool gymnastics

Our Programs

Recreational gymnastics program

Recreational Gymnastics

Our 50 minute recreational gymnastics classes are a great way to instill a sense of confidence and pride in a job well done into your child.  With attainable goals set for every level, students will learn to work hard for what they want.

All classes feature a fun warm up to get the blood pumping and warm up the body, intense but fun activities on all four apparatus, and individualized instruction throughout the class to help your student improve their skills in every class.

All classes are designed to keep kids moving and engaged and expose them to the fundamentals of the sport.

Preschool gymnastics program

Preschool gymnastics

Our Preschool Program is a gymnastics-based movement education program, designed to teach the foundational skills needed for physical development so that our students can go on to become great athletes in whatever sport they choose to pursue in the future. These classes are ideal for ages 3-5!

Skills include but are not limited to balance, fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, coordination, cross body movement, jumping, climbing, rolling, and so much more!

Every class includes a musical activity, obstacle courses, trampoline time, and lots of fun!

Want to Learn MOre?

We have several options for classes to choose from so if you would like some guidance on your class choice please e-mail us at